Frequently asked questions

The Basics

Do I have to go to college before I go to law school?

Are there any prerequisites to attend law school?

How do I know if my college or university is accredited?

Can I major in law in college, before I go to law school?

What should I major in when I go to college?

How long does it take to become a lawyer?

How can I prepare myself for law school?

The Profession

How much money do lawyers make?

Do all lawyers have to go to court all the time like on TV?

What do I need to know about legal specialty areas and careers?

The Application Process

What is your application deadline?

What factors do you consider when reviewing applicants for admission?

What is the final LSAT date you will accept for admission?

How old an LSAT score will you accept?

Do you have a spring or summer entering class?

Do you offer a conditional admission program?

Can I apply for both the full-time program and the part-time program?

When are admission decisions made?

May I apply before I take the LSAT?

What is the LSAC Credential Assembly Service?

Do I have to register for the Credential Assembly Service?

How does The University of Akron School of Law handle multiple LSAT scores?

Is there a minimum LSAT score or grade point average required for admission?

Will a graduate degree or additional undergraduate work give me an advantage in the application process?

How does a criminal record affect admission decisions?

Why do you ask about parking and minor traffic violations on the application?

My university will not actually confer my undergraduate degree until after Akron’s first day of law school for new students. Can I still apply?

Financing Your Legal Education

What financial aid is available?

Are graduate assistantships available to law students?

Are first year students allowed to work?

I am not from Ohio. How do I become an Ohio resident so I can pay in-state tuition and fees?

Can I borrow money beyond what it costs just for tuition and fees?

Does the University of Akron offer tuition and fee remission for employees and dependents of employees?

Joint Degree Programs

What joint degree programs do you offer?

How and when do I apply?

Do I have to take the GMAT or the GRE?

How do the joint degree programs work?

How long do joint degree programs take?

Can I start the graduate school portion of the joint degree before I start law school?

Is there financial aid associated with joint degree programs?

Can I create my own joint degree program?

I already have a graduate degree. Can I still pursue a joint degree program?

Life as a Law Student

What does a law student's schedule look like?

How long does law school take to complete?

Can I switch back and forth between full-time programs and part-time programs?

Can I finish law school in three years if I start as a part-time student?

What specialty areas do you offer? How important are specialty areas?

How much will I have to study?

Is there an attendance policy?

Where do law students live?

Does Akron have a mass-transit system?

What is parking like at The University of Akron?

Does The University of Akron offer student health insurance?

Can law students use the Recreation Center, go to the Student Union, get discounts on tickets, etc. just like other students at The University of Akron?

Do I have to buy my own computer, laptop or otherwise?

Akron’s mascot is the "Zips." What is a "Zip" and who is "Zippy?"

Life after Law School

If I get my law degree at Akron Law, can I practice in other states?

What is the bar exam?

Since Akron Law is located in Ohio, will I only learn "Ohio law?"

I understand that it is possible to practice out of state after graduating from Akron Law, but how realistic is it?

International Students - J.D. Program

Note: If you are an international student and are NOT interested in the J.D. program, but rather the LL.M. program, please see more information on LL.M. admissions.

What exams do I have to take in order to be considered for admission?

Do I have to take the LSAT?

Do I have to register for the LSAC Credential Assembly Service?

How do international students pay for law school?

Can international students attend law school part-time?

Where can I get more information on being an international student at The University of Akron?