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Help is available for students with academic or personal issues

College can be stressful for students as they balance academics with their lives outside of the classroom.

The University has a team of professionals ready to help students experiencing:

  • academic issues (missed assignments; poor grades on exams, assignments and projects; repeated absences from class, etc.),
  • mental health issues (depression, anxiety, substance dependence, etc.),
  • financial issues, and/or
  • personal problems (relationships, social contentedness, roommate compatibility, homesickness, etc.)

Use this page to make a referral.

For students with a funding gap, help is available

If a student mentions that he or she is struggling to close a funding gap, please encourage a prompt visit or call to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

“We can take a second look at a student’s eligibility for assistance,” says Jennifer Harpham, director of student financial aid. “Sometimes we are able to identify additional funding resources or other options available to the student.”

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