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Spring 2019 semester dates

Semester dates are viewable on the online calendar, or download this PDF.

Submit events for Rethinking Race

Faculty and departments are encouraged to begin submitting proposals to facilitate Face-2-Face conversations. These events are facilitated group discussions allowing honest conversations among students and others who join in.

The Face-2-Face conversations are part of our annual series, Rethinking Race: Black, White and Beyond. Held this year Feb. 25 to March 8, 2019, the series provides a forum in which race-related issues can be discussed, examined and, hopefully, better understood. One of the best routes to understanding these issues is to talk about them.

Commitment to facilitate Face-2-Face conversations is minimal and involves moderating a respectful discussion among students and community members on a topic you propose. You don’t have to be an expert on the topic, but be informed. Questions should be directed to Dr. Stephen Brooks at

Academic dates

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Help for students with academic or personal issues

College can be stressful for students as they balance academics with their lives outside of the classroom.

The University has a team of professionals ready to help students experiencing:

  • academic issues (missed assignments; poor grades on exams, assignments and projects; repeated absences from class, etc.),
  • mental health issues (depression, anxiety, substance dependence, etc.),
  • financial issues, and/or
  • personal problems (relationships, social contentedness, roommate compatibility, homesickness, etc.)

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