Academic programs offer exceptional learning opportunities

The College of Engineering houses five departments, but is the home to much more—an engaging faculty, a vibrant and growing student population, and world-class research.

Moreover, the boundaries between departments are minimal. Students routinely take classes outside their home department, and they often work on design teams alongside students from other majors and engineering disciplines.

However, the foundation of it all is our outstanding academic programs.

Student robotics  team


Our undergraduate engineering programs cover both traditional disciplines, with their broad applications, and new programs, with specialized opportunities.

Biomedical Engineering
Students can specialize in one of three tracks: Biomaterials with Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics, Instrumentation, Signals and Imaging

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



Our graduate engineering programs provide training that equips our students with the maturity and ability to assume leadership roles in technological fields related to the field of engineering.

We offer:

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