Engineering research at UA 

Knowledge is central to everything we do in the College of Engineering and Polymer Science.

Research, or the creation of knowledge, and education, or the dissemination of knowledge, are our core missions within the College of Engineering, and these are seamlessly integrated to enhance the knowledge of those we serve.

Research activity in the College has increased four times over the last eight years.

Many projects engage faculty and students in multidisciplinary teams that cross departmental, college and university lines.

These advanced research projects are supported by such agencies as NSF, NIH, NASA, DOE, DoD, the State of Ohio, private foundations and many industrial partners such as FirstEnergy, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BP, GE, The Timken Company, Parker Hannifin, Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone and others.

Please take a moment to explore our many and diverse research activities and feel free to contact us for additional information.

Ties with Industry

The College serves the research and development needs of small local companies, large global corporations, and everything in between. We offer unique partnership opportunities and our faculty, staff, and students have the broad expertise to address relevant problems and ultimately increase the competitiveness of our industrial collaborators.

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Research Centers, Institutes, and Labs

The College of Engineering and Polymer Science maintains a number of Centers, Institutes, and Research Labs, which focus the expertise of the faculty allowing for shared resources, inspiration, and knowledge.

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Research Opportunities

Opportunities for research exist for students, both prospective and current, as well as faculty in the College.

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Focus Areas of National Prominence for Engineering

We have identified several focus areas for the research within the college that have achieved national prominence.

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