UA Manufacturing Certificate Programs

Develop new expertise and get ahead in your career with our newest professional development opportunities

The University of Akron is now offering Certificate of Completion Programs in multiple manufacturing disciplines including Metal Castings, Forgings, Mechanical Power Transmission, Mobility, Engineering Drawings and Quality, The programs are available through THORS eLearning Solutions, a designer of highly acclaimed online manufacturing courses. 

What do the programs consist of?

Each program bundle is made up of a curated collection of courses that can be completed in approximately 15 hours. The courses are developed with the coordination of subject matters experts from world-class manufacturing companies and insights from renowned individuals across various industry domains. The programs are self-paced and are delivered online. 

What are the benefits?

  • Contributes to the professional development of experienced employees
  • Makes manufacturing industry knowledge accessible to new entrants
  • Supplements current UA engineering/engineering tech programs

Who are these programs for?

The Certificate of Completion Programs are for individuals working in industry who are looking for career-focused educational opportunities in highly specific, technical areas.

For new employees, workforce development will improve by speeding up the learning curve.

Students currently enrolled at UA should consider these programs in addition to their degree program to gain additional knowledge in these areas.

Need more info?

Contact Thors eLearning Solutions at or call 330-576-4448.