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Middle schoolers thrive in shark tank

After just a week on campus, 13 middle schoolers from across Northeast Ohio, led by engineering, economics and teaching professionals, had big ideas to pitch to four “sharks.” 


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Interested in STEM Education?

Rose_Curve_animation_with_Gears_n3_d2Learn how to use the E in STEM to implement real-world problems to enhance your class content

Enroll in Engineering for Educators (5500:439/539) for Fall 2018.  This course is open to teacher candidates in all disciplines.

You will learn how to:

  • use literature to create a problem
  • incorporate technology (3D printing, Robotics, etc.) into content
  • develop problem-based lessons

Looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in our community?LJFF round logo

Become an I PROMISE Mentor!

You can earn college credit while mentoring middle school students in Akron Public Schools. 

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If you have not been admitted to the College of Education and need enrollment assistance, visit ZipAssist, located in the lobby or Simmons Hall, or visit them online.

Admission to the College

If you are interested in becoming a teacher or educational administrator, let our Preadmission Advisers help.  The team will guide you through the admission process.

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