Degrees and Programs

As you prepare to teach students, we want you to know you will have the training and skills you need so that they, and you, succeed.

Why choose Akron?

We offer multiple options for undergraduate teacher licensure programs and four master’s level programs for K-12 administration and curriculum instruction.

Today’s K-12 public school classrooms reflect our increasingly diverse society. This offers many opportunities for enriching experiences for students and their teachers.

Our programs are designed so that you are an effective educator and mentor in any classroom. As part of that, your student teaching assignment will provide ample hands-on experience so that you understand what happens in a classroom long before you graduate and begin your teaching career.

An education major talks about her undergraduate degree in Simmons Hall
Undergraduate Degrees

We offer a variety of outstanding undergraduate programs for student interested in teaching or educational leadership.

  • Early Childhood Education (Age 3- Grade 5)
  • Middle Level Education (Grades 4-9)
  • Special Education (Age 3 - Grade 3 or Grades K - 12)
  • Secondary Education (Adolescent to Young Adult or AYA; Grades 7-12)
Undergraduate Level Endorsements

Admission and enrollment

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