Tiger team recommendations


Matthew J. Wilson

Interim President Matthew J. Wilson

Dear Colleagues: 

Happy Friday! I am encouraged by the showing of school spirit as you proudly wear the Blue & Gold on Fridays. As we approach the holiday weekend, I hope that you will join us on Saturday at our outdoor concert and football game.

Today, I am excited to share the excellent work accomplished by the tiger team over the summer. The team has submitted its Recommendations & Reports, which are being forwarded to the various governing bodies (Faculty Senate, University Council, Council of Deans, etc.) to consider and enact these recommendations, where feasible. In addition, the University community responded enthusiastically to my invitation to submit ideas and suggestions to the tiger team. The 200+ submissions are available online for viewing, and will continuously be reviewed for consideration.   

Once again, my thanks to all of the members of the tiger team for their hard work over the summer.  Also, I extend my sincere appreciation to all in our University family who took the time to submit ideas.  A very good precedent of unity and determination was set by this initiative, and I ask everyone to join me in fostering that attitude and moving our University forward.



Matthew J. Wilson
​Interim President