Campaign to raise dollars for scholarships


Matthew J. Wilson

Interim President Matthew J. Wilson

Dear Colleagues: 

Today I shared with friends and donors a message about a new opportunity to increase support for our students and the University. Our new Making a Difference and Moving Forward Campaign is a scholarship drive intended to support our students directly and immediately. As a companion program to the endowed gifts that benefit students for generations, this initiative solicits funds that can be applied directly to student scholarships. In other words, a gift made now will be applied to scholarships awarded next semester.

I wanted to share this news for two reasons: (1) to inform you that we plan on tapping into the strong community support we have experienced recently, and (2) to enlist your assistance in spreading the word about this initiative to your contacts (via social media, e-mail, or direct conversation). If circumstances allow, possibly you could even consider donating to this cause yourself.  You know from your own interaction with our students that a scholarship of $500 or $1,000 can make the difference. We all know of students who have stopped out from completing their degree for financial reasons.  As we look to enhance enrollment, this initiative is one more way that we can attract, retain, and assist students.  As you will likely hear me say often, if we focus our efforts on student success and constantly strive for excellence, I personally believe that other things will quickly fall into place.

You can find out more now by visiting the campaign site.  We have targeted an amount of $20 million for this campaign.  In kicking off this scholarship initiative, I can share that we have already received pledges of several hundred thousand dollars from our pre-release conversations with several donors.  If your circumstances allow, I invite you to contribute. Just as important is spreading the word of this initiative among students, prospective students, family and friends.  It truly is a new day in Akron, and people need to know that.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


Matthew J. Wilson
​Interim President