The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits the amount of information we can provide you, so we recommend that you keep the lines of communication open with your student. Here's what you can do:

Your student may sign a FERPA release form to allow us to discuss his or her account with you.


Answers to common parent questions

How much is tuition at UA?

See our tuition and fees schedule.

When is my student's tuition payment due?

How do I pay my student's bill?

Your student can authorize you to make payments to their account. Here is how.

How do I obtain a 1098-T tax statement?

We have contracted with a third party to process requests for the 1098-T tax statement.

Request through Heartland ECSI

Learn more about the 1098-T tax statement.

How do I sign up for the  Promise to Pay payment plan?

Your student may sign up for the Promise to Pay payment plan via My Akron. Learn more.

I pay the bill... Why can't you tell me more about my student's account?

FERPA regulations limit the amount of information we can give parents. Your student may contact our office with questions. More about FERPA.

Your student may also sign a records release form naming you as someone who can receive his or her financial information.

Why didn't I receive a bill?

Paper bills are not mailed. eBills are sent to the student's University e-mail address or e-mail addresses authorized by the student.

I don't understand the bill. Please explain why I pay this amount.

There are many factors that affect the bill. For specific inquiries, please call 330-972-5100.

How do I pay the bill online if I don't have access to my student's account?

Your student can authorize you to make payments to their account. Learn more.

My student's e-mail indicated a different balance than what is showing online. Why is it different?

The eBill is a snapshot of your student's account at the time the bill was created. Charges may have occurred that will not be reflected until the next eBill. The student's My Akron account always has the most up-to-date account information.

How do I apply for the Parent Plus loan?

After the Parent PLUS funds are applied to the student account, how does a parent receive a refund of any excess funds?

Parent Plus excess funds are sent to the parent in the form of a check to the address on file. During the loan application process the parent has an opportunity to request the refund be sent to the student. The student may request direct deposit or have a check sent to their address on file.

I applied for a PLUS loan. When will I receive the refund check?

Refunds are typically processed beginning within three to five business days for qualified accounts. A check will be mailed to the address on file. If you would like to update your address, contact the Office of the University Registrar.

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