The Association of the University of Akron Retirees (AUAR)

What is the AUAR about?

We are an association of about 300 former University of Akron employees, faculty and administrators, and their spouses and families.

Our mission is to:

  • provide reasonably-priced social and educational activities for our membership as well as volunteer opportunities;
  • ease the transition from work to retirement; and
  • monitor and lobby government at the State and Federal levels to safeguard the Ohio pension systems [STRS, PERS and SERS] and preserve our health benefits.

Our Executive Board cooperates with OCHER and ORTA.

The AUAR Newsletter, which provides detailed information about our programs, is published every six months and sent to members via e-mail or regular US. Mail and is deposited in the University of Akron Archives.

The AUAR also sponsors an endowed scholarship open to undergraduate students in all majors, which is administered by the AUAR Board and Office of Development. See more.