The Women’s & Gender Resource Center nurtures our students' critical thinking about diverse issues, including human rights, economic empowerment, healthcare, and leadership development. The Women's & Gender Resource Center is involved in several collaborative initiatives including:

Women's History Month

Women in Science

The Women Trailblazers

MAMA's Program

Resources and Advocacy

UA Title IX 

Sexual Assault Services Team (SART)
This team has been in developed as an outcome of the Ohio Board of Regents’ Task Force on Ohio College Campus Safety and Security.

It's a matter of sexual respect: Think about it 

We are committed to provide all students a safe learning environment that values sexual respect for all. For more information click Here 

LGBT Equality Committee 

Providing support for LGBT Programming while working collaboratively with The LGBTU student groups and external supportive organizations.  

Chair: Mr. John Alvarez Turner