What Our Employees Have to Say

Employees1Department of Student Life employees have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills. Below are a few comments students working in the Department have shared with us...

  • “The Department of Student Life has helped me become more outgoing and has introduced me to all the different student organizations and opportunities available to students that I was unaware of before I started working.”Employees 2
  • “I try to take advantage of opportunities that school provides and it’s because of the Department of Student Life that I have realized the significance of these opportunities and how they can increase fulfillment in my college experience.”
  • “As cheesy as the story may sound, the Department of Student Life has truly made a significant impact on my life and provided me with opportunities that I never anticipated.”
  • “If it was not for the Department of Student Life, I don’t think I would be enjoying my college career as much as I currently am.”
  • “What I have found most valuable from working in the Department of Student Life is the mentor program.”
  • “The Department has had a great influence on my life and has enhanced my college experience.”
Student Employment Application

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Please note that student assistant positions in the Department of Student Life are reserved for undergraduate and graduate students.