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Department Benefits

Staff 1 Besides the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment…the Department of Student Life offers several incentives to its student employees.

Department employees enjoy…

  • Mentor Program. The Department’s Mentor Program is a unique opportunity allowing student assistants to meet with full-time graduate assistant staff weekly. These relationships help build unity within the Department and provide a role model for all employees.
  • Monthly incentives. The “Raving Roo” Program recognizes one student assistant each month for superior work within the Department.
  • Department events. All student employees are invited to Fun Days held throughout each semester.  Fun Days are a great way to relax and enjoy fellow employees within the Department.  At the end of each semester there is an event celebrating and recognizing departing student employees.
  • Committees. Have the opportunity to work on Department Search Committees, experiencing the interview process from the viewpoint of an interviewer. Other committees available throughout the academic year.
  • Scholarship. As a student employee, apply for scholarships unique to the Department of Student Life.
  • Experience. Gain professional experience on machinery, office equipment, and a wide variety of specialized databases and programs.
  • Relationships. Make lifelong relationships with fellow student employees and staff members.

Guaranteed, working with the Department of Student Life will help better your college career and will make you a more marketable candidate in the job market! Don’t hesitate to turn in an application today and start your journey to a fulfilling employment opportunity!

Student Employment Application

Interested in working in the Department of Student Life?

Visit RooConnect to complete your application online

All interested applicants must submit a completed Department application. All applications will remain on file for 6 months; however, applicants are encouraged to submit new applications for specific Department searches.

Don’t hesitate to turn in an application today and start your journey to a fulfilling employment opportunity!

Please note that student assistant positions in the Department of Student Life are reserved for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Department of Student Life is committed to building community through collaborative learning experiences that provide our students the opportunity to:
Engage   • Serve   • Lead

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