Thank you for the warm welcome

A note to The University of Akron community sent on Thursday, Aug. 15

Georgia and I are deeply honored to join The University of Akron. We are extremely excited about becoming part of this distinctive and important university and its beautiful and welcoming community. As we toured campus yesterday and spoke with a number of people, and at today’s reception where so many of you stopped by to say hello, we could feel the sense of shared pride that everyone has in UA. That spirit of support is energizing.

Gary L. Miller, president-elect at The University of Akron

Gary L. Miller

I deeply believe that the future of The University of Akron is bright. The University’s distinguished faculty and staff, their strong commitment to student success, the uniquely relevant and interdisciplinary program portfolio, the University’s long history of research and innovation and a 150-year partnership with a great American city provide a firm foundation for the future.

To be sure, we face significant challenges that must be addressed immediately. This will require extraordinary levels of creativity, collaboration, courage and sensitivity to the most precious ideals of the American Academy. I am very impressed by the strides that already have been made, thanks to the work of the faculty, contract professionals and staff, under the leadership of Interim President John Green and Board of Trustees Chair Joe Gingo. A solid platform has been established for the work ahead.

I am committed to this University, this community, to each of you and to our students in whom we entrust the future. I look forward to a time of reaffirmation, renewal, innovation and growth. I ask you for your guidance (and patience) in the coming months as I orient to the area and as we work together to lay out our strategy for success.

A special temporary email account has been established for you to connect with Georgia and me. Please send your thoughts and ideas to us at We look forward to meeting all of you soon.

Go Zips!

Gary L. Miller
The University of Akron