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Learning Communities

There's strength in numbers. Take 2-4 classes together with the same group of students and succeed.

What's a Learning Community?

studentsLearning Communities (LCs) are groups of 20 to 25 students who take two to four classes together during their first semester focusing on a specific theme, academic major or interest.


Why Join a Learning Community?

  • Ease your transition into college: LCs help students like you build support systems and enable you to become more connected to the campus.
  • Boost your chances of academic success: Establish strong connections with faculty members and form study groups with other students.
  • Take part in exciting activities: Meet with a peer mentor, engage in service learning, attend the Common Reading Lecture, and participate in other activities.
  • Explore majors: If you’re undecided, explore majors and careers that match your interests.


What a student has to say about LCs

"This experience really helped me understand the different subject areas. The most rewarding thing was I learned to take ownership of my learning. It is worthy mentioning that I made friends through my first year learning community, which has been so helpful throughout my studies." - Ernest Williams

For more information, please contact:
Brandon A. Mikulski, M.A. Ed.
Director, Learning Communities & Akron Experience
330-972-5492 or