About the Counseling & Testing Center

The Counseling & Testing Center is a complete, comprehensive IACS (International Association of Counseling Services) accredited psychological services center at the University of Akron.

A culturally diverse staff of licensed psychologists and doctoral trainees are available to provide psychological counseling and psychotherapy, career counseling, outreach, and consultation to currently registered students, as well as full-time and part-time faculty and staff.

Mission Statement

The Counseling & Testing Center promotes student learning, success and retention through excellence in comprehensive culturally competent psychological counseling, career exploration, and testing services. Student learning is further enhanced through consultation and psycho-educational outreach to our diverse campus community. The Counseling & Testing Center differentiates itself and the University both regionally and nationally, as an accredited counseling center and training site with a diverse staff of psychologists active in scholarship and professional organizations.