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Financial Planning Program

Recognizing the crucial role of financial professionals who help individuals manage their money through assisting with budgeting, investing, insurance, and other financial needs, the Finance Department is now offering a Financial Planning (CFP) major and program that offers meaningful co-curricular opportunities to support targeted classroom learning.

This program and major is carefully designed to directly support the mission and goals of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board), the organization that grants the CFP® certification and upholds it as the recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning. Our graduates leave our program qualified to sit for the CFP® certification and ready to enter the profession and contribute immediately.

Financial Planning students can work in such careers as

  • Securities brokers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Bank loan, credit, and operations managers
  • Insurance firm managers
  • Commercial and residential real estate portfolio managers
  • Financial planners for individuals

In addition to the major, students also can pursue a minor or certificate in Financial Planning.

Faculty Who Teach Financial Planning Courses

Outstanding CBA faculty teach our Financial Planning courses. To learn more about each professor, click the hyperlinked name.

Go to the Graduate and Undergraduate portions of our site to learn more about the programs, majors, minors, and certificates we offer.

Resources for the CFP Student

Students who are in the CBA have many levels of support, from software, to access to additional information, full-time academic advisers and a full-time internship staff person and a career center.


Finance students should pay attention to announcements for competitions like the Financial Planning Challenge, which the team from The University of Akron won.

Assistance to Attend IMPACT

If you are looking to break into the independent financial advisor industry, there’s no better place to connect with the nation’s top financial advisors than Charles Schwab’s IMPACT 2016 conference. For the fifth consecutive year, James ’82 and Diana McCool ’80, will support five CBA finance students to attend the Charles Schwab-sponsored IMPACT conference. Scheduled for October 24-27, 2016 in San Diego, the conference allows students to gain valuable exposure to the Registered Investment Advisor community, as well as exhibitors and advisors from around the country. Deadline is September 16, 2016.

Software and Informational Sources

Financial Planning students will be working with software such as MoneyGuide Pro and Money Tree, among others. The Department of Finance also offers a Resources Center that has texts – including review materials – and calculators available to students.


Full-time CBA academic advisers are dedicated to supporting students who need questions answered and help navigating class schedules. Visit the Undergraduate Advising page for additional information.

Internships and Careers

The CBA also has a full-time staff member who finds and coordinates quality student internships. And, when you’re ready to find full-time employment, the University has a robust Career Center.

CFP Board Career Center Web Site Available

The CFP Board Career Center serves as a valuable tool to link graduates and students to a broad selection of jobs and internships in financial planning all across the country. It's also a dynamic clearinghouse offering vital career, professional development and industry information to those pursuing or considering a career in financial planning.

Financial Planning Student Organization

Almost without exception, in interviews of graduating seniors students cite their involvement in student-run organizations as one of their most meaningful co-curricular activities. The student-run Financial Planning Association Student Chapter gives students the opportunity to learn about financial planning, meet practicing financial professionals, obtain internships and employment, and develop interpersonal and leadership skills. The organization holds regular meetings and manages yearly national conference participation. 2016 - 2017 Officers:

President: Sam Distler,
Vice President: Gage Paul
Secretary: Benjamin Schwarz
Treasurer: John Nesby

Sign up for the Student FPA Chapter at

You also can sign up for Northeast Ohio FPA Chapter at Visit this page or join the FPA to learn about application information for conferences and how to enter the FPA Financial Planning Case Challenge.

Certified Financial Planning Board and Examination

The link to CFP Board website and its many useful resources is You also can create a Board account for yourself, by going to

Computer-Based CFP® Certification Examination

CFP® Certification Examination and Practice Exams

Starting with the November 2014 CFP® certification examination, the exam will be a computer-based testing (CBT) format. The November CFP® exam will be administered during a 5-day testing window of November 18-22. Prometric, a leading provider in testing services, is administering the test. Candidates can schedule their test date and select their testing location from Prometric’s network of testing sites, which includes more than 265 locations in the U.S.CFP® certification examination candidates can apply for the exam at

The exam is comprised of 170 multiple-choice questions administered in a single day over two, 3-hour sessions separated by a scheduled 30-minute break. Preliminary results are provided to candidates upon completion of the exam at the testing site, with results verified by CFP Board within three weeks following the end of the exam testing window. More on the benefits of the transition to CBT can be found on the CBT

For more information, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Practice Exams

In addition, CFP Board has developed two, 50-question practice exams, comprised of authentic questions that have been retired from previous CFP® exams. The CFP® practice exams are accessible online and cover the full range of topic areas included in the current CFP® certification examination. Practice exam-takers will have the option to highlight portions of the questions, mark questions for later review, explore correct answers and rationales, and employ a time clock for realistic practice.

Instantaneous feedback will be provided, with identification of missed questions. The two practice exams can be purchased individually for $99 each, or as a bundle for $149 here. The CFP® certification examination is just one of several requirements that need to be met in order to become a CFP® professional. In addition to passing the exam, candidates also must meet CFP Board’s experience requirements, pass a background check, have a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) and successfully complete a college-level program of study in personal financial planning.