Adaptive Technology

The Office of Accessibility has a variety of adaptive technology software available for student use. If you would like to utilize adaptive technology, please speak with your Disability Specialist or call (330) 972-7928. Consultation appointments and trainings can be scheduled so that you are comfortable with the technology that will be most helpful to you.

The following adaptive technology software is available in the Office of Accessibility’s adaptive technology lab: 

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: Voice recognition program that "types" what is spoken.
  • Inspiration: Graphical outliner/organizer that combines objected-oriented drawing with electronic outlining.
  • JAWS (Job Access with Speech): Screen reader.
  • Kurzweil 3000: Document reader and study aid.
  • ZoomText: Magnification and screen reading software.

Adaptive Technology on Campus

Jaws, Kurzweil, Zoomtext, Inspiration and Dragon are available at various locations on campus. Consult the list at the link below to learn what is available at each location. Make sure to take a set of headphones with you when you use these computers.

On Campus Software List