What if you are called to active duty while enrolled in classes?

If you have been involuntarily called to active duty, you have two options for addressing your enrollment.


If you choose to withdraw from your courses, you must submit a copy of your Notice of Induction or Orders to Active Duty to the Military Services Center. Once the documentation is received, you will be withdrawn from ALL of your courses and a full refund will be applied to your student account.


If you choose, in collaboration with your instructors, to receive grades of incomplete for your courses, you have until the end of the following semester to complete course requirements. If you have not returned from active duty status by the end of the following semester, your instructors will need to submit extension requests. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that grades of incomplete are remedied.

If you choose to voluntarily enlist in the military, you must do so prior to the first day of the semester in order to receive a full refund applied to your student account. If you voluntarily enlist during the semester, the amount of refund is determined in accordance with The University of Akron's official withdrawal policy and is subject to course instructor and academic advisor signature requirements.