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Register for externship

Welcome to the Externship Program! Akron Law’s Externship Program offers students the opportunity to gain meaningful and substantive legal experience under the supervision and mentorship of practicing attorneys and judges. Students earn academic credit (2 credits (85 hours worked) or 3 credits (127.5 hours worked) to be worked) for legal work performed outside of the classroom and in approved legal settings such as government entities, public interest organizations, and courts. Students perform legal tasks and apply their academic studies to real cases, gaining valuable insight into the operation of legal institutions.

The primary educational goals of the program are to provide students with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of substantive law and the legal process; to improve their lawyering skills; to increase their understanding of the range of skills necessary for effective lawyering; to improve their understanding of the issues related to professional responsibility in legal practice; to develop productive working relationships; and to engage in reflective lawyering.

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