School of Law

Spring Semester 2013
Course, Casebook, and Assignment Listing Classes begin January 14, 2013

9200:612-801 Sahl,John Professional Responsibility

Req: Morgan, Professional Responsibility: Prob & Materials, 11th ed., West Law 9781599418544
Req: Morgan, 2012 Sel. Stand. on Professional Responsibility, 2012, West Law 9781599419459


Assignment for the 1st week is as follows:

Please read the items below in Chapters 1 and 2 of the text and pages 1-10 in the 2012 Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility. We will discuss problems 1, 2 & 3.

The Legal Profession: Background, Fundamental Issues & Regulation

Unit 1: The sociology of professions, The state of American legal profession today, Development of the legal profession; Development of professional conduct standards. Achieving Justice for the Innocent Client; Prob 1: Admissions to the Bar – Character & fitness for admission to the bar; Candor in the bar application process; Educational & knowledge standards for bar admission; Other attempts at state & federal limits on bar admission (**OMIT Pages 16-24)

Unit 2: Prob. 2: Lawyer Discipline & The Disabled Lawyer – Conduct that may subject lawyer to professional discipline; Aggravating & mitigating factors in discipline cases, problems of alcohol & drug abuse; Interstate discipline; jurisdictions that may sanction & the law they apply; Duty to report another lawyer’s misconduct, the discipline process; Prob. 3: Regulating Lawyers Outside of the Formal Disciplinary Process – Standard of care & conduct in a malpractice action; Proving a malpractice case; Malpractice remedies; Advance waivers of a lawyer’s malpractice.


9200:881-001 Sahl,John Sports Law

Req: Versteeg, Sports Law: Cases and Materials, 2nd ed., Vandeplas Publishing 9781600421105