This is where Zips emerge, determined to lead lives of significance. Here, you become part of a true, connected community of earnest, hard-working people. You receive an education with real-world application, so that you're ready to pursue a meaningful career. And through it all, you keep rising.


Aim high, then raise the bar. Media studies student Justin Miller boldly states that Zips never settle for less than they know they can achieve. Your journey to the top starts here because Akron becomes both your home and your way up.

Rising higher

UA junior and media studies major  Justin Miller has made the most of his Akron experience. His advice: Take in everything that UA has to offer.

Justin Miller

Never losing sight of what’s ahead.

UA senior and mechanical engineering major  Shawnn Foster is always striving for greatness. From hammer toss to co-op, her advice: "Do your own thing."

Shawnn Foster working on her laptop in a classroom
University of Akron student Matthew Deibel outdoors on campus

“They’ve given me so many opportunities, and I’m truly blessed that a university of this caliber is right in my backyard.”

— Matthew Deibel

University of Akron student Pooja Dayal smiles

“The University is always supportive when it comes to exploring your different interests. Your opportunities are endless — you can pursue anything you want. Whether you want to become a doctor, an artist or both, you can do it here.”

— Pooja Dayal

University of Akron student Gregory Brown outdoors on campus

“People think of UA as a good school, but they don’t realize how great of a school it is. I’m in my third co-op rotation with Goodyear…and I’m doing actual research projects on materials that many students don’t get to work with.”

— Gregory Brown

We Rise Together

Supporting UA means uplifting our students every step of the way. It empowers great minds to make learning and discovery possible. It enables us to live up to our promises of meeting the needs of a changing world.

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