The Department of University Internal Audit can also handle investigations that arise from claims by campus employees. These matters can include, but are not limited to:

  • Improper use of University funds
  • Theft of any University asset
  • Falsification of records

Internal Audit remains independent to keep objectivity when conducting these audits to provide the most accurate result. Employees are encouraged to bring any concerns to an immediate supervisor or appropriate personnel within the department. For all fiscal concerns, please contact the Department of University Internal Audit


For all fiscal matters, you have the right to remain anonymous when submitting information to Internal Audit. See our Anonymous Reporting Line for how to report anonymously.

If you choose not to remain anonymous, all information will be confidential and your information will not be shared with any conflicting parties. Click the button below to begin filling out a fraud questionnaire. For any other type of matter that could arise, please use the directory below to find the best contact for your issue.

Fill out a fraud questionnaire

Once completed, please either save the document and email to our address above or send via campus mail to the Department of Internal Audit, ASB 145 +6203

Concern Type Contact Group Phone Number
General Emergency Campus Police  330-972-2911
City of Akron Police 330-375-2181
Health and Safety Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety 330-972-7123 or dial 911 from a campus phone
Assault and Abuse Campus Police 330-972-2911, 911 for on campus emergency
University Counseling 330-972-7082
Staff Issues Human Resources 330-972-2352, 330-972-6195
Benefits Benefits Administration 330-972-7090
Disabilities Office of Accessibility 330-972-7928