Video: Mission work in Haiti moved minds and souls


In December, 11 students traveled to Ouanaminthe, Haiti. What they saw changed their lives.

"No matter what your life goals are, no matter what your major is, no matter what you are studying, you are going to learn from this experience, " said Joanna Cardarelli, a student who went on the trip. "You are going to learn real-life values that you can apply to any aspect of your life or career."

"Education is a privilege," said student Joe Paolucci," and that's something that people don't realize here in the States, and that's something we need to start realizing."

Since 2014, more than 90 Zips have made the same trip to learn about Haiti and its people.

The students have started Zips for Haiti Coffee to raise dollars to help improve the quality of life for Haitian students and to support a scholarship that would allow a student from there to attend UA.

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