Students Win Awards at ACS


Chang Liu and Kai Wang, both M.S. students of Dr. Xiong Gong’s research group, were each selected to receive a $500 PMSE Graduate Student Research Award during the Spring 2014 ACS Meeting held in Dallas.

Chang presented her research on “Novel donor-acceptor conjugated polymer for single-junction polymer solar cell with 10% power conversion efficiency” on March 16th.

Kai gave two talks – his first was on “Enhanced performance of polymer solar cells using PEDOT:PSS doped with Fe304 magnetic nanoparticles aligned by an external magnetostatic field as an anode buffer layer” on March 17th. His second talk was the next day, March 18th, on “Solution-processed Fe304 magnetic nanoparticle thin film aligned by an external magnetostatic field as a hole extraction layer for polymer solar cells.”