New Akron Law program allows students to get political science and law degrees in six years


The University of Akron is moving forward with a new 3+3 Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor (B.A./J.D.) Joint Degree Program with UA’s School of Law and the Department of Political Science in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences, starting this fall. Geared for high-achieving students, the program can save students the cost of a full year’s tuition by awarding both a bachelor’s and law degree in six years instead of the seven years typically necessary to complete their undergraduate degree (four years) and Juris Doctor degree (three years).

This 3+3 degree option is unique because it combines two nationally recognized programs and provides students the opportunity to take advantage of both in an affordable and career-enhancing way.

Students can begin careers sooner

Students enter the program to complete the first three years of undergraduate courses, then take the first year of law school courses. The law school credits will be applied toward elective courses in the political science program and the student will then obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

“The 3+3 program is a great opportunity for current and future political science and law students at The University of Akron,” says Ryan Vacca, interim co-dean at the School of Law. “Not only will these students avoid a year of additional expenses, they'll also be able to take advantage of the wonderful programs and faculty offered by both Akron Law and the political science department. This program really is a great way for us to offer a top quality undergraduate and legal education with incredibly valuable outcomes for bar passage and employment.”

Program optimal for varied career interests 

“This will be a cutting edge program for political science majors who know they are interested in a law career, and especially for those interested in public policy, lobbying or campaign law,” says Dr. John Green, interim dean of the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences.

The Department of Political Science is home to nationally known programs, including the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, a bipartisan research and teaching institute dedicated to increasing understanding of the political process.

As one of the most innovative law schools in the country, Akron Law receives national recognition with respect to top-ranked and award-winning programs in intellectual property, clinical education, trial advocacy and overall academic success. Students may apply to UA’s condensed dual-degree program by posting undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores that meet certain thresholds.

For more information, visit about Akron Law or the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences online.