Maternity/Paternity Information

Full-time, eligible contract professionals and staff members can take up to 20 days of paid maternity/paternity leave for the birth or adoption of a child or the placement of foster child into the home. New parents will not have to be solely dependent on sick or vacation time to provide care upon the arrival of their child or children.

The maternity/paternity leave policy contains a number of important details that you should review online. Your university is among the few in the state to extend this family-friendly opportunity to staff and contract professionals — one more indication of our intent to offer a highly competitive benefits package to employees. 

University Rules for Maternity/Paternity Leave

Absence from Campus - Staff

Family and medical leave, leave of absence, paid maternity leave, paid paternity leave, paid adoptive and foster parent leave and vacations for employees other than bargaining unit faculty - Contract Professionals and Non-Bargaining Unit Faculty