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Pay Reductions

In support of the actions approved by the Board of Trustees, Human Resources will implement a temporary reduction in salary for all non-bargaining staff, contract professionals, non-bargaining unit faculty, and academic administrators with faculty rank hired before April 1, 2020, earning $50,000 or more per year, and who are not subject to an individual employment agreement.

Non-bargaining staff are staff employees that are not members of a collective bargaining agreement. Contract professionals are full-time or part-time non-teaching professional personnel of the University. Contract professionals do not hold regular faculty rank (e.g., instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor). Non-bargaining unit faculty, and academic administrators with faculty rank are not members of a collective bargaining unit. 

The temporary reduction in salary will be effective in accordance with the first pay of the fiscal year. Staff salary reductions will be reflected in July 17, 2020 paychecks. Employees paid on a 12-month basis will see salary reductions reflected in their July 31, 2020 paychecks. 

Pay will be reduced in accordance with the scale below:

Under $50,000, no reduction
$50,000 to $66,999, 3% reduction
$67,000 to $91,999, 4% reduction
$92,000 to $124,999, 5% reduction
$125,000 to $149,999, 6% reduction
$150,000 to $199,999, 7% reduction
$200,000 and over, 10% reduction

In addition, the president and all members of the cabinet, including all with the rank of vice president or dean, are taking a voluntary 10% pay reduction for the same period.

An information guide has been published by Payroll to help employees understand how paychecks are calculated. 

Your pay stubs are available by accessing the My Compensation portion of My Akron.

A link to guidance for understanding your pay stub, and forms to amend supplemental retirement contributions or to make changes to your W-4 withholding are available on the Payroll Office website. The website also provides a list of Payroll contacts available to provide assistance with any inquiries regarding your current pay or W-4 filing.

For a copy of your Benefits confirmation, contact Benefits Administration at x7090. Your detailed 2020 Benefits summary is available by accessing the My Benefits portion of My Akron.

Revision to Employment Rules

At a special meeting of the Board of Trustees on May 29, 2020, Board members approved new rules and rule changes that will create the flexibility for and guide the application of furloughs and/or reductions in force for non-bargaining unit employees. No such authorization previously existed.

The changes, which are detailed in the resolution in the Board materials, were informed by a consultative and transparent process, which included a 31-day comment period that received more than 100 comments and questions, and by a live online forum that was attended by more than 300 employees.

Rule Changes

Approved and effective June 8, 2020

Furlough for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees

Contract Professional Information

Reduction in Workforce

COVID-19 Information

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