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Sexual Misconduct Training

Much has changed under Title IX and discrimination law in recent years. We believe we can support our community best when everyone has knowledge of these laws and the recent changes in federal guidance. That's why we are requiring employees campus-wide to complete a new online training program on sexual misconduct and discrimination.

The training defines "responsible" employee" under Title IX, and what legal obligations you may have should a victim tell you about an incidence of dating/domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, or sexual violence. Given the legal obligations for reporting under Title IX, best practices say always report, especially when you are unsure if the circumstances fall under the realm of Title IX, and this training opportunity will enable us collectively to be in compliance with the law.

We will track who completes, and we are hoping for full compliance by the new year. To address any questions or concerns you may have, Human Resources will also offer follow-up online training. Training sessions will be held throughout the fall, and departments can request that a HR professional offer the training to the entire department. Please email Michelle Smith, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees at for more information.

We are at our best when we are well prepared to prevent discrimination and harassment, and to help students and colleagues in times of need. This training will help ensure both. Thank you for your commitment to the training and our continuing pursuit of common goals.

Additional training opportunities can be found at

Part-time faculty do not need to track hours in EmpCenter

At the request of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, The University has evaluated its current practice of tracking part-time faculty clock hours for the Affordable Care Act and has determined that change is warranted.

Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, part-time faculty will no longer be required to log their clock hours in the EmpCenter time and attendance system. Instead of logging clock hours, the University will rely on IRS guidance that allows the use of a "reasonable" method to calculate clock hours.

The maximum load hours assigned to part-time faculty members will remain at 9 credits per semester and all part-time faculty will continue to be responsible for notifying their chair of assignments in other departments.

New Post-Retirement Program Options

The University offers post-retirement employment options. Please visit the links below for more information on these programs.  

  • Transition After Retirement Program (TARP) - designed to allow full-time faculty to transition from active employment into retirement with limited duties, by maintaining a presence on campus through a variety of means. 
  • Reemployment After Retirement Under Rule 3359-11-15 (REM) - designed for full-time University of Akron employees who are eligible to retire from an Ohio pension system. This rule applies to all employees other than members of a bargaining unit in which an agreement governs the reemployment of retirees.
  • Phased Retirement Program (PRP) designed to allow eligible contract professional and staff employees to retire from their regular full-time positions and continue to contribute to the success of the University and its students on a part-time basis.