Human Resources

On June 12th, the Board of Trustees authorized the administration to implement a 2 percent increase to base salaries for eligible unrepresented faculty, staff, and contract professional employees. 

This memo provides an explanation of eligibility criteria and expected timelines for salary increases for unrepresented faculty, staff, and contract professional employees.   


The following categories of employees are considered eligible for a 2 percent increase to base pay:

Unrepresented full-time and part-time contract professionals, 12 month faculty, and staff hired on or before July 1, 2018, unrepresented full-time 9 month faculty hired on or before August 27, 2018, and part-time faculty hired on or before August 27, 2018, that have taught two or more semesters (part-time faculty appointments for less than a full semester will be reviewed on an individual basis). Sponsored employees funded by external sources (e.g. grants and agency) will receive the increase if funds are available through their funding source.

In order to be eligible employees must not have:

Been the recipient of significant disciplinary action during the time period from July 1, 2018 to the present (e.g. written warning or suspension).

Received a salary increase other than for promotion, job reclassification, or reorganization (e.g. offline increase) in the 12 months preceding the salary increase effective date.


The increase in base pay will be retroactive to June 24, 2019 for eligible staff employees; July 1, 2019 for eligible contract professionals and 12-month faculty employees; and effective August 26, 2019 for eligible 9-month and part-time faculty:

Raises retroactive to June 24th, July 1st or August 26th will be reflected for employees during the month of September (see Q&A for specific pay dates). 

We have also included a series of Questions and Answers to assist employees and supervisors in understanding the increase process. 

Non-bargaining Salary Increases Q & A

Employee Service Awards

This year's event will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 in the Student Union Ballroom. The program will include brief remarks by Interim President John Green and presentation of certificates by the Deans and Vice Presidents to those reaching the milestone of 20 years and up. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments and take photos with Interim President Green and Zippy.

A list of employees who have reached milestones between 5 and 45 years can be found at  2019 Service Award Recipients and Photos

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Spayd by phone at extension 6716 or by email at .

Online Training Available On Brightspace

Search Committee Training is now available on Brightspace!

We used Brightspace as our delivery method in order to better serve our campus community and provide information in a method that can be accessed at any time!

All search committee members are required to take the course regardless of past experience on search committees. The content has been amended to provide search committee members with consistent information and you will find it is much more robust than the prior training.

Please look for "Search Committee Training" in your Brightspace portal or click on this link:

Please note:

  • If you have a committee member who is not a member of the campus community, please contact our recruitment office at ext. 7090.
  • If your department/division would prefer in person training, please contact Michelle Yeager at ext. 2590.

We look forward to rolling out additional courses to share consistent information across campus and provide assistance to our campus community.

Any feedback your group would be willing to provide on our new course is welcomed.