Tuition-remission application process

Employees and their dependents with active UANet logins can access the system directly.

Once you complete the online form, the information will be forwarded to the Benefits Office for verification of eligibility for the benefit. If you have not previously provided documentation of support for dependents, you may be asked to do so at this time.

Approvals will be sent to the Cashier’s office for processing. It is important that you complete this process at the time of registration to ensure your credits are applied in a timely manner. The deadline for requesting tuition remission is the close of business on the Friday of the first week of the semester.

UA reserves the right to drop your classes if you have not arranged payment. A late-payment fee of $100 can be charged if payment is not received by the due date.  A late-registration fee of $100 will be assessed for any “first time” registration that occurs as of the first day of the term. We are not responsible for any late fees applied to your account.

Guidelines for tuition remission

  • No need to stand in line or leave your office, you can submit your remission request online.
  • If you or your dependent have a balance due after the online remission is applied, you can pay online with your personal checking or savings account at no extra charge. Credit cards are accepted online only.
  • If your online remission is not submitted timely, you could be withdrawn from your classes for non-payment or charged a late fee that is not covered by remission.
  • A new online remission request must be submitted each semester whenever you or your dependents enroll. 
  • Be sure to complete the online remission and acknowledge that you are complying with Board of Trustee Rules (as reflective at the bottom of the online remission form), failure to do so may delay processing.
  • The online remission form and any required payment should be submitted timely; however, if you are submitting an online remission form without payment, it is your responsibility to make your payment by the due date.
  • All online remission submissions are audited to confirm eligibility and accounts adjusted accordingly.

Don't wait, avoid lines and secure your classes by submitting your online remission and payment in early.  If you have questions about remission, contact Benefits Office at ext. 7090, or questions about payments, contact Student Accounts at ext. 5100. 

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for this benefit, please go to: