Tuition remission and scholarship update

To: Full-time employees

From: Division of Student Affairs

RE: Tuition remission and scholarship update

Date: January 21, 2014

WE ARE EXPERIENCING a significant surge in undergraduate applications to The University of Akron, along with an impressive growth in freshmen applicants who have demonstrated "college readiness" in their academic performance. We have also broadened our scholarship offerings to compete more effectively for these meritorious students. With changes in our scholarship offerings, we have received questions from employees whose dependents are enjoying the generous tuition remission employee benefit. This email to our full-time employees is designed to clarify our tuition remission benefit and explain the framework by which merit scholarships may be used to offset college costs not already covered by tuition remission:

There has been no change in the tuition remission benefit. It covers the total cost of tuition, no matter how many credits are taken. For undergraduate students, that represents a value of $4,224 per semester (12 to 16 credits). If a student takes a full course load of 36 credits over the summer, fall and spring semesters, the annual value of the tuition remission benefit could be $10,560.

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The tuition remission benefit continues to be available to full-time faculty and staff regardless of the dependent student's ACT, SAT, high school GPA, or other credentials for graduate/law students, as well as University of Akron GPA performance. This benefit is also provided to the dependents and spouses of retirees who were employed full-time when they retired.

University-funded scholarship awards offered to a meritorious student who is also enjoying the tuition remission benefit can be applied to other educational expenses on that student's account. This includes on-campus housing, board and fees, which can approach $6,000 on average per semester. University-funded scholarship awards include those funded through the University's general fund, UA or UA Foundation endowments.

Additionally, some undergraduate tuition remission recipients may receive up to $2,000 in UA housing scholarship dollars through the Honors College.

Effective summer 2014, there will be no refunds of UA undergraduate scholarship awards that exceed the undergraduate student's expenses for tuition, fees, on-campus housing and board as reflected on the student's bill.

All students are eligible to apply for additional funding support from sources outside of the University, including government-sponsored loans or grants and other external scholarship opportunities to further offset the cost of attending the University. It is important that employees and their dependents who may be eligible for federal and state programs (such as Pell grants) complete an application form (FAFSA) by March 1, 2014, to have the opportunity for additional funding.

We are continually reviewing and enhancing our UA undergraduate scholarship program in order to provide more students with the opportunity to benefit from the excellence that is The University of Akron.

If you have any questions about the cost and the value of a UA education, I encourage you to contact Greg Landis, associate director, undergraduate admissions, at 330-972-5827 or Questions regarding the UA tuition remission benefit may be directed to Benefits, at 330-972-7090. You can also submit a question to



About the cost and value of a UA education: Contact Greg Landis, associate director, undergraduate admissions, at 330-972-5827 or

About the benefit: Contact Benefits at 330-972-7090. Or write to

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