Faculty Senate Representatives

Terms Indicated are for committee terms only

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Graduate Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Galen Karriker* - Music
2022-2023 (1 yr term)

Mahesh Srinivasan*- Management
2022-2023 (1 yr term)

Ohio Faculty Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Linda Saliga - Mathematics
2021-2023 (2 yr term)

Alternate to Ohio Faculty Council:

Stacia Biddle - School of Allied Health
2022-2023 (1 yr term)

University Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Kris Kraft - Allied Health
2020-2023 (3 yr term)

John Nicholas - Bus & Info Technology
2020-2023 (3 yr term)

Edward Evans* - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
2021-2024  (3 yr term)

University Council Standing Committees

(Appointed by Faculty Senate Executive Committee)
 (3yr term)

Budget, Finance, and Benefits Committee

Don Visco (Chem, Biomolecular & Corr Engr) 2024
Kevin Kreider (Math) 2024

Communications Committee

Robert Peralta (Sociology) 2023
Sherry Simms (BCAS, Art) 2024

Information Technology Committee

Bill McHenry (Management) 2024
Mesfin Tsige* (School Poly Sci & Poly Engr) 2024

Institutional Advancement Committee

Marc Haas (School of Allied Health) 2024
Matthew Kolodziej (Art) 2024

Physical Environment Committee

Marilia Antunez (Library) 2025
Malik Elbuluk* (Electrical & Computer Engr) 2024

Recreation and Wellness Committee

Kristine Kraft (College of Applied Science & Technology) 2024
Eric Smith (School of Allied Health) 2024

Student Engagement and Success Committee

Stacia Biddle (School of Allied Health) 2025
Renee Mudrey* (School of Education) 2024

Talent Development and Human Resources Committee

Melissa Dreisbach* (School of Exercise & Nutr Science) 2024

*indicates Faculty Senator