Goals and Objectives of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program

Mission statement

The mission of the Environmental Studies Program is to provide students, faculty, and the public with an opportunity to learn, teach, and conduct research on the environment. This is accomplished by functioning as an interdisciplinary clearinghouse where courses are offered, certificates are granted, lectures can be presented, and research can be coordinated.

Admissions Standards

Both the undergraduate and graduate certificate programs are freestanding, meaning that the certificate may be granted by completion of required coursework independently of a major course of study. To be admitted to the Certificate programs the student must:

  • Be formally admitted to UA as an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Be in good academic standing in their major department (if so enrolled).
  • Make a written application to the program and receive written notification of admission from the Center for Environmental Studies.

How this program addresses the needs of the state & region

The environment affects every Ohioan, whether it is the air that they breathe, the water that they drink, the greenspace that they use for leisure, or the soil that they live on. In northeast Ohio, development and industrialization require careful examination of our relationship to the natural world. The Environmental Studies Program provides a means for citizens to become educated and informed. Through this, they may make wise decisions regarding such diverse activities as choosing a place of residence, maintaining property, operating businesses, and engaging in the political process. Students who undertake the Certificate program in concert with another major course of study become uniquely qualified to serve in professions where environmental factors are a consideration.

Placement objectives for graduates

Students undertake the certificate programs with many different objectives in mind. For some, the only desire is to broaden their knowledge of the environment. Others find that the certificate is an important qualification for obtaining employment, or advancing in their organization. Whether the graduate wants employment in the private sector, education, government, or at non-profits, the Center provides information about currently available jobs. Our objective is to help the student make use of their skills in a way that best suits their desires.