Advanced Materials & Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0

Our research area of impact in advanced materials and manufacturing/industry 4.0 includes the study of advanced metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, coating technologies, as well as advanced manufacturing; techniques such as 3D printing, grinding, hard machining, super finishing, roll-to-roll processing, micro/nano; patterning, automation, and so forth, and technologies that enable Industry 4.0 such as digital connectivity, smart manufacturing, and cyber-security.

Akron Functional Materials Center

Director: Dr. Yu Zhu

Directed by Dr. Yu Zhu, the focus of The Akron Functional Materials Center is to drive polymer innovations to achieve commercialization. The current themes associated with the research clusters are biomaterials, coatings and adhesives, 3-D printing, polymer assembly, and energy/electronic.

Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC)

Directors: Dr. Peter Niewiarowski, Dr. Ali Dhinojwala, Dr. Christopher M. Miller, P.E., and Matthew Kolodziej

The Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center as an internationally recognized leader in the rapidly growing field of biomimicry. BRIC is dedicated to connecting artists, businesspeople, designers, engineers, and scientists to advance biomimicry-based innovation. Members develop curricula, promote awareness of biomimicry, and accelerate innovation in partnership with Great Lakes Biomimicry.

Center for Precision Manufacturing (CPM)

Director: Dr. Siamak Farhad

In partnership with The Timken Co., Swagelok, and Schaeffler Group USA, The Center for Precision Manufacturing is a research center focused around developing new finishing technologies for the manufacturing industry.

Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe)

Director: Dr. Jae-Won Choi

The University of Akron and The University of Virginia operate The Center for Tire Research, a consortium of tire and tire-related industry members who offer technical advancement in the areas of tire and tire related materials, tire physics (including modeling), testing, manufacturing, and sustainability.

Coalescence Filtration Nanofibers Consortium (CFNC)

Director: Dr. Sadhan C. Jana

The research of The Coalescence Filtration Nanofibers Consortium, directed by Dr. George Chase, centers on the performance coalescence filters and design of filter media, including the development and application of nanofibers.

National Polymer Innovation Center (NPIC)

The National Polymer Innovation Center offers solutions in pilot-scale processing, surface and structural analysis, physical and chemical characterization, and more.


Dr. Ajay Mahajan
Associate Dean for Research & Industrial Engagement

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