Master of Science in Civil Engineering

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Civil Engineering provides students with an advanced learning of the skills and technologies necessary to develop a deeper understanding of the field of civil engineering.

This program offers a thesis and non-thesis option. The thesis option requires 24 semester hours of graduate course work and 6 semester hours of thesis research. An oral defense of the thesis is also required.

The non-thesis option requires 30 hours of course work. For applicants without prior civil engineering degrees, bridge-up courses are required. This program enables bridge students to complete their M.S. degree in roughly 6 months more than a student entering with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. A Master’s in Civil Engineering degree typically requires two years beyond a bachelor’s degree.

Students pursuing a M.S. in Civil Engineering degree may specialize in environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, water resources and hydraulic engineering, or transportation engineering. Check out our areas of study and see what interests you.

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Thesis Option

Civil Engineering Courses 15 credits
Approved Mathematics/Science 3 credits
Approved Electives 6 credits
Master's Thesis 6 credits
Total 30 credits

Non-Thesis Option

Civil Engineering Courses 15 credits
Approved Mathematics/Science 3 credits
Approved Electives 12 credits
Engineering Report 2 credits
Total 32 credits


Environmental Engineering

4300:523 – Chemistry for Environmental Engineers
4300:622 – Aquatic Chemistry
4300:623 – Physical/Chemical Treatment Process
4300:624 – Biological Waste Water Treatment Process
3470:663 – Experimental Design

Geotechnical Engineering

4300:612 – Advanced Soil Mechanics

Structural Engineering

4300:551 – Computer Methods of Structural Analysis
4300:554 – Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Transportation Engineering

4300:631 Highway Design
4300:566 Traffic Engineering
4300:665 Advanced Traffic Detection and Data Analysis

Make sure to check out our Graduate Bulletin for a complete course list.

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