2018 Code Hopper Project Gallery

The first annual Code Hopper event took place at the Akron Art Museum on Saturday, May 19, 2018.  Adriann Guy, IT Administrator at Blue Technologies in Cleveland, gave the keynote.   Gina Thomas, Akron Art Museum’s Associate Educator, revealed the theme of the challenge for the day:  “Welcome to the Akron Art Museum.”  Approximately 40 girls worked on their projects either individually or in collaborative teams of two or three from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Several of the final projects are shown below.  The name of the individual or group creating the project is in bold print.

Note:  We recommend that you use Chrome to view the projects, as some of them require Flash, which is not used by Firefox or Safari.

Hopper Award

Coding Llamas

Our goal was to have the welcome sign have all the shapes of the Akron Art Museum logo glide into the middle.  Then, we wanted to have pictures of the artwork go around the logo. The pictures would not go the right speed. They still moved though.  Click the green arrow to play the animation.

L’il Hopper Award

Walsh GWC

Projection that would add color to the lobby welcome people. Could also be throughout the Museum. Main places would be the empty spot to left of lobby on the floor, and the pillar outside the Museum Shop. The second projection would be above the stairs and show off some of the art.  Click the green arrow to play the animation.

The second projection:


Pink Gazelles

We wanted create a piece of art in the museum but ended up creating a welcome sign based off of the piece of art. 


My goal was to show people some of the cool art that is offered here at AAM. Click on the image to scroll through.


A version of the old arcade game Breakout. Click on the image to play.

The Atlantians

A robot saying hello

The Dandylions

Our project is meant to say "Welcome to" and then show a picture of the Akron Art Museum logo, but we ran out of time. Enjoy and thank you.

Can't Get Off Her Phone

It is an unfinished code that is supposed to show a background of the Akron Art Museum. It also will show a list and photos of different works. Chrome or Safari only.