We provide individualized care and support to students in need and work to create a healthy environment by promoting safety, healing and wellbeing for all students.

Sexual Assault & Violence Education Team
Crisis Assessment Referral Evaluation Team

Case Management
  • Case Management 
    When a student’s mental and/or physical health are a concern but there are not any safety issues present
  • How to Support
    How to help friends, students, or colleagues needing support and assistance, particularly in a behavioral health crisis .
Withdrawal due to extraordinary circumstances
Transfer evaluation form

You may be required to produce an academic and student conduct background check when transferring from UA. To complete this, you should:

  1. Fill in the form with name, address, email, phone, and student ID
  2. Sign the form to give the Dean of Students Office permission to release information
  3. Email the form to Barbara Ferrell, or drop the form at Student Union 152
  4. The Dean of Students Office will send to the college(s) and email you a copy.

Contact the Dean of Students Office

Located in: the Student Union room 152

Main office: 330-972-6048


Meet the staff: The Dean of Students Office and the Rape Crisis Center