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Presidential Scholarship

UA offers competitive, merit-based scholarship awards such as the Presidential Scholarship (AGS), which ranges from $1,000 to $7,500 annually. No separate application is required.

Akron Advantage Award

Out-of-state AGS recipients automatically receive the $3,000 Akron Advantage Award (AAA), renewable for up to four years and $12,000 in total.



Computer Engineering

The computer engineering program teaches you to design and develop hardware and software for a range of applications and systems. The program blends classroom work with real-world experience through co-ops and design projects.

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Computer Science

The computer science program teaches you to write computer programs and use computer languages, hardware and operating systems. The program prepares you for careers in software development and software engineering.

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Computer Information Systems

Demand for computer networking experts is high for those with the right skills and experience. We offer the strong technical, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills you will need to rise in this fast-growing field. Networking professionals help organizations design, maintain and secure internal and external networks. The networks connect computers, software, smart devices and more. In our program, you will gain hands-on and real-world experience as you design, administer and troubleshoot local and wide-area networks.

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Our computer programming degree prepares you to meet a range of technology needs in business, government, health care, schools and other industries.

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Our cybersecurity program — the first of its kind among public universities in Ohio — teaches you to protect data, computers and networks from cyber threats.

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Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics provides an educational foundation in both the legal and technical aspects of computer crime investigation. Explore the criminology of high technology crime and criminal law as it applies to digital evidence, the investigative process and professional communication. Gain hands-on experience with contemporary forensic tools and receive technical instruction in computer hardware, networks, and operating systems.

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Information Systems (I.S.)

The I.S. program teaches you to analyze business and systems requirements, execute and manage projects, provide technical support and develop digital strategies. The program offers internships, team consulting projects for local businesses, guest speakers, site visits and more.

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