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Newly Admitted Students

This page is for students who have received an email from the Graduate School notifying them of their acceptance to the College of Business (CoB) Graduate School.

Congratulations on your recommendation of admission! You can be proud of your admission to our AACSB-accredited program.

As you know, our Graduate Admissions Committee (GAC) recommended you for admission and you have been approved for admission by the Graduate School Dean. An emailed letter regarding your status was sent by the Graduate School. It included information on any conditions required prior to enrollment. The CoB Graduate School also may provide additional information on requirements. For example, some common conditions are the requirement to provide an acceptable TOEFL, an official GRE or GMAT score, statement of purpose, resume, reference letters or Declaration and Certification of Finances.

Your College of Business (CoB) advisor will be emailing you an Admission Packet. This packet will include a letter and program checklist outlining all courses required for your degree in addition to other information useful to new students.

On the University's Course Management System, Brightspace, a New Student Entry course has been created that is required for all graduate students prior to enrolling. It provides tutorials on the registration system, fact sheets, and many useful forms for students. This site is active throughout your entire course of study, so you can refer to the resources on it.

Student Status – Full, Provisional and Probation

The GAC evaluates student records with careful attention to grades and standardized test score, looking for scores above 50% on all sections of standardized tests.

Students with Full admission status can enroll in courses without consulting with an advisor after the first semester of enrollment.

Student on Provisional admission status or on Probation must consult with an advisor each semester before enrolling in classes to help select the schedule that can help ensure success.

Students with provisional status had some aspect of their application below the level expected for admission. Provisional students work closely with their advisors and are provided a recommended sequence of courses to optimize their initial performance in the program. Provisional students have 15 credits in which to maintain a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). Once the 3.0 GPA requirement is achieved, a student may request conversion to Full admission.

Students on Probation were previously admitted to a graduate program at The University of Akron and fell below the minimum 3.0 GPA required for good standing. Full-time International students on probation must return to a 3.0 GPA within two semesters of full-time study. Failure to achieve the 3.0 GPA may result in dismissal.

Forms for Newly Admitted Students