Graduate Academic Advising

Advisers are available to provide individual academic advising services to students in College of Business Administration (CBA) graduate programs. Our advisers provide:
  • Explanations of degree requirements
  • Assistance with academic planning and course scheduling
  • Answers to questions about university and college policies and procedures

To help ensure you are reaching your goals, we recommend contacting an adviser at least once each semester by scheduling an advising appointment, calling, or sending an e-mail. If you have questions or need other assistance in preparing a schedule for the next semester, contact an adviser early.

CBA Graduate Course Descriptions
Course descriptions for CBA Graduate Courses can be found in the Graduate School Bulletin and select Courses of Instruction. These are brief descriptions. For more detailed information students may request syllabi from the academic department from which the course is offered.


Below you will find information about university policies and guidelines that will assist you during your graduate career in the CBA. You will also find forms that are required for a variety of requests, including course waiver petitions, program or status changes and registration.

The Graduate Bulletin provides university policies including, but not limited to Academic Dishonesty, Graduate Student Grievances, Admissions Terminology, Grading, Academic Reassessment, Six Year Completion Requirement, Probation and Dismissal.

The CBA Graduate Policy Guide provides a summary of policies governing graduate students, including advising, courses, graduation, internships and work authorization.

Graduating (processes and policies for graduating)

Internships and Work Authorization


Graduate Programs has a variety of forms to facilitate alterations. The Common Petition form has a variety of uses, including for course substitutions, preliminary transfer course approval, exceptions, and special requests. The Waiver Form for Gateway/Foundation Courses is used only to waive these courses. The Interdisciplinary Petition applies only to MBA students seeking the Interdisciplinary concentration.

One course or request should be submitted per petition.

In the case of an Independent Study, the students should work with the department chair and a faculty member to determine if a topic can be pre-approved for study. An agreement as to the content of the Independent Study should be developed and a written copy submitted along with the form.

The four forms below will be submitted electronically to the CBA Graduate Programs office account. Advisors will review the requests and make recommendations to the Assistant Dean and Director who will consult with department chairs as needed in coming to a decision about the request.

Common Petition Form

Form to Transfer Law Courses to the College of Business Administration

Interdisciplinary Petition Form

Request For Independent Study

Waiver Form for Gateway/Foundation Course

The Graduate School Program Status Change and Transfer Credit forms are still processed in paper format. Submit completed copies of these forms to our office by scanning and emailing them to, mailing them to CBA Graduate Programs, The University of Akron, Akron, OH 44325-4805 or dropping them off in our office, CBA 412. The Graduate School Program Status Change Form is used to change programs or concentrations or request to convert from Provisional to Full Admission status. The Transfer Credit Form is used AFTER a transfer course is completed at another university. (Transfer courses must be pre-approved using the Common Petition Form).

Program Status Change Form

Transfer Credit Form