Professional Workshop Series

Marketing majors will complete three blocks of classes. The first block is the foundation set of four courses that all marketing students must complete. The second block is the concentration, marketing management, sales management or integrated marketing communications. The third block is the professional experience. As a part of the professional experience, students will have a choice between 3 credit Internship or three 1-credit professional workshops.

Please note that students that are double majors must have a professional experience for each of their majors. Thus for example a double major in IMC and Marketing Management could have a 3-credit Internship in Marketing Management and then could take three 1-credit professional workshops to count towards the professional experience in IMC.

The Professional Workshops will be taught by area business executives and will explore career pathways as well as specific cutting edge marketing topics in-depth from an executive perspective. A description of each workshop and the time it will be offered is listed below. If you choose to take one or more of the workshops listed below, please note the section number, then return to registration and complete the sign-up. The Saturday workshops will run for two consecutive Saturdays.

New For Spring 2019 – In order to receive a Credit (Passing grade) – students are required to attend both Saturday sessions. No make-up assignments will be provided if a Saturday session is missed. Excused absences and emergencies include court appearance, jury duty, death of a family member, hospitalization, illness with Doctor’s note. There are no exceptions to this. Excused absences include official University of Akron events, such as sales competitions, or student-athlete travel commitments or competitions. Verification and documentation will be required to be considered an excused absence.

View a PowerPoint presentation designed for workshop instructors.

Fall 2018 Professional Workshops in Marketing

Marketing in the Public Sector (74880 6600:491-984)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Nathan Eppink, Capital Projects Coordinator, Medina County Park District
Meeting Dates: 11/10/2018 & 11/17/2018
Workshop Description: Persuasion isn't exclusive to the business world. Marketing, Public Relations, and Communication professionals are employed locally in the public sector, which includes cities, school disctrics, libraries, zoos, park districts, mass-transit agencies and other tax-supported organizations. Increasingly, public agencies face unique challenges such as shrinking budgets and increased scrutiny. So how do public-sector marketing executives proactively promote organizations, develop content and measure success?

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how the 4Ps of marketing apply to the public sector
  • Understand how to utilize public polls and measure perceptions
  • Discover several ways audiences can be targeted
  • Learn how to effectively communicate during a crisis
  • Hear from local experts about best practices

Eppink has more than 17 years of public agency experience, most of which has been in marketing and public relations.

Spring 2019 Professional Workshops in Marketing

Developing a Cutting-Edge Mobile Marketing Strategy (6600 491 sec 981)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Jeff Staats, Head of Marketing, TalentLaunch
Meeting Dates: 1/19/19 & 1/26/19
Room: 580 E Polsky
Workshop Description: The mobile evolution is here. The way brands connect with consumers is rapidly changing and companies need to think "mobile first". This has created exciting opportunities and new channels for marketers, but definitely doesn't come without its challenges. Smartphone users, armed with 24/7 internet access, wearable technology, location-finding software and an ever-growing list of social media outlets, continue to demand immediate attention to their needs, personalized offers and more ways to voice their opinions.

In this workshop, we will review current companies' mobile strategies and look to tackle the following topics:

  • Learn about the mobile consumer and "new" mobile industry
  • Get an understanding of how to think "mobile" first in a sales or marketing role
  • Learn most effective ways to track, measure and optimize mobile tactics, QR codes, users, and conversions
  • Introduction to new mobile strategies, including wearable technology

Mr. Staats has been in the local marketing community for 20 years and has developed numerous marketing plans for companies of all sizes.

Social Media Marketing (6600 491 sec 982)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Shon Christy, President, Shon Christy Social
Meeting Dates: 2/9/19 & 2/16/19
Room: 580 E Polsky
Workshop Description: As of January 2018, 69% of online adults in the US use social networking sites according to Pew Research Center. Social media has changed the how we get the news, connect with friends, and even shop. While the platforms may change, the basic principles and practicalities of marketing through social media remain the same. Strategy, content, management, and analysis are all key components for success in social media marketing today.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Design an effective social media marketing strategy
  • Develop content for a variety of audiences
  • Foster and manage social media communities
  • Identify and leverage tools to drive results
  • Analyze results to determine campaign progress and success

Data Visualization (6600 491 sec 983)

Time: Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Rachel Byerly, Manager Transaction Services, Grant Thornton LLC
Meeting Dates: 3/9/19 & 3/16/19
Room: 550M Polsky
Workshop Description: Tableau is a visual analytics tool that makes it easy to create interactive visual analytics and dashboards. Tableau makes it easier to take big data spreadsheets and convert the data into visual displays for obtaining insights and improving decision making. Tableau is used by a large variety of organizations as it has been shown to reduce redundancy, increase efficiency and most importantly facilitate communication among technical and non-technical users. Ideally participants should have already taken Marketing and Sales Analytics course.

In this workshop, participants will work with databases to:

  • Understand the power of Tableau in a business setting
  • Learn how to “scrub data”
  • Understand how to combine data to focus on what matters most
  • Create dashboards for decision making
  • Understand dashboard do’s and don’ts

Ms. Byerly is an experienced manager focused on Data Analytics and Visualization within Transaction Services. She has been a lead on the Data Analytics team at Grant Thornton LLP. This will be a hands on course allowing students to enhance their data visualization skills using Tableau software.

Writing for Marketing: No One Reads the Copy Anyway… or Do They? (6600 491 sec 984)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Lee Murray, Content Writer, SDMyers
Meeting Dates: 4/13/19 & 4/20/19
Room: 580 E Polsky
Workshop Description: There is a saying in the marketing world – “No one reads the copy anyway.” Of course, in the last decade, the industry has shifted from a design-focused field to one of rich and collaborative storytelling. Copy is no longer an afterthought but a driving force behind any campaign or marketing initiative. Understanding narrative and audience, as well as the art of a sentence, is a super power any marketer can benefit from. Whether B2B or B2C, print or digital, clean and engaging copywriting is often what helps brands cut through the clutter.

Workshop topics will include:

  • The four Cs of copywriting (clear, concise, correct, consistent) and other best practices
  • Messaging hierarchy (both across a campaign and within a single tactic)
  • Audience persona development and the resulting voice and tone choices
  • Differences between traditional copywriting and writing for web
  • In-depth analysis of real-world marketing campaigns
  • How to develop a messaging platform “with legs”

A combination of lecture, discussion, editing exercises and workshop, the course will help students grow as both writers and strategists with the ability to craft messages that command to be heard.