Dr. Gwendolyn Lutz Scott Scholarship

Department: Biology
Undergraduate/Graduate: Undergraduate
GPA: 3.0

A native of Akron, Dr. Gwendolyn Lutz Scott led an exemplary 34-year career in medicine. This scholarship is directed to one or more premedical students who have financial need and sustain a 3.0 GPA or above. Awards are limited to tuition and student fees. The Scott Scholarship strengthens teaching and research and honors Dr. Scott's commitment to education and her accomplishments as a medical doctor.

The Department of Biology has numerous scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students. Most of these have deadlines in the early spring. Please watch for flyers around the department announcing these scholarships and providing details about qualifications and means of applying for them. Almost all of these scholarships have application deadlines in early spring and require an application letter and letters of reference.

Department of Biology