Visiting Bierce Writing Commons

How to Make Appointments

It is easy to schedule appointments for Bierce Writing Commons.

  • Call the Commons at 330-972-6548.

                   - or -

  • Stop by the Commons and make an appointment with one of the student assistants.

When you schedule an appointment, the student assistants will ask for your name, your phone number, and the name of the course in which the paper is assigned. They will also ask what day and time you prefer. If there are no consultants available at your preferred time, they will suggest alternative times on the same day. 

What to Bring to Your Appointment

When you come for your appointment, bring the following:

  1. Any instructions that explain the writing assignment. Your professor may have given you a detailed handout that spells out the requirements for the assignment. You might have course notes that provide additional details on the assignment.

  2. Anything that you have already written. This might include rough notes, an outline, and drafts of the paper.

  3. Any resource materials that you will use for your paper: for example, books, websites, journal or newspaper articles.

  4. Any feedback that you have received from your professor, peer readers, or other Writing Commons consultants.

  5. Paper, pen or pencil, and if you prefer, your computer.

  6. Your Zip Card. To sign in, you will swipe your Zip Card at the front desk and select the class for which you are seeking help. This step will document your visit.     

What to Expect During Your Session

Before your first visit to Bierce Writing Commons, you may wonder what happens during a session. Every session is unique because writing is a complex process, and every writer has specific needs. These needs can vary from assignment to assignment.

To help you prepare for your appointments in the Writing Commons, visit our page that explains what you can expect during your session.

How to Have a Successful Consulting Session

In Bierce Writing Commons, you collaborate with a consultant in a one-on-one session. That consultant will guide you, push you, question you, and provide feedback, but never write your paper for you. To make the most of each session, there are several steps you can take before, during, and after your appointments. Visit our page that offers tips on how to have a rewarding session with your consultant.