Areas of study in the School of Communication

Undergraduate degrees and certificate

Bachelor of Arts

The School of Communication houses a comprehensive program that leads to careers in the communication field. The flexible programs offer the diversity demanded by the twenty-first century workplace, which continues to demand advanced communication skills.

The school offers you the ability to pursue a concentration in one of four areas: Media Studies, Public Relations, Strategic & Organizational Communication, or Organizational Supervision.

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Media Studies

Media Studies prepares students for careers in video production, radio/TV and journalism.  Students study the business models of the media industries along with media law and theory. They acquire practical skills in writing for different media platforms and video/audio production.

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Public Relations

Public Relations prepares students for corporate or nonprofit workforces. Students develop important skills – writing, developing strategies, building tactics and objectives, and evaluating public relations campaigns. These skills will serve the students throughout their lives and careers.

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Strategic & Organizational Communication

Strategic and Organization Communication equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop, evaluate and critique organizational, interpersonal and public messages.  Courses in this area prepare students to communicate effectively in relationships, workplaces and the broader democratic context.

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Organizational Supervision

Organizational Supervision is a unique program, specifically designed for those who hold an associate’s degree or have completed college courses totaling 60 credit hours or more. The degree will help strengthen your organizational leadership and supervisory skills so you can take on more responsibility, regardless of the field.

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Applied Political Communication

This certificate program is a joint collaboration between the Department of Political Science and the School of Communication. Applied political communication encompasses the interaction of political figures, political interests, governmental institutions, media, and the public in their efforts to persuade and influence political power and public policy outcomes.

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Professional Social Media

The Professional Social Media certificate is open to any major, degree or community member. It serves as formal training and evidence of your preparation in the subject.

You will learn to generate content, use analytics to measure success, and create a complete social media campaign for a real client as your final project for the course, Advanced Strategic Social Media, giving you a hands-on experiential learning.

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