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Student health

Student Health Services provides over-the-counter medications, thermometers and health advice to those in need and basic health services. Phone triage and appointments for those conditions requiring face-to-face contact with a block same-day availability.

See the Student Health Services home page for hours. Students should call 330-972-7808 to set up an appointment in advance.

Health care, testing, medications as dictated by diagnosis and provider recommendations are offered.  

Heath Services monitors a COVID line for self-reporting of symptoms, exposures, requests from outside entities to quarantine and reporting of offsite positive COVID testing with Health Service follow up. Visit the Student Health Services' website.


  • COVID-19 testing available on campus.
  • If you feel sick: We have expanded our guidelines in the event you feel sick or you have contact with someone who has the virus.
  • Daily health checks and contact tracing: We are asking students and employees to perform daily health checks. Contact tracing will be used to limit the spread of the virus. Details.

Checklist of health considerations

Download our checklist of health considerations for students, which includes:

  • how to monitor your health,
  • insurance,
  • what to do in an emergency,
  • supplies to bring to campus,
  • documents you will need and more.

Answers to your questions

If I test positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, do I need to inform anyone?

Answer: Yes, students should notify Student Health Services. As with any illness, students are responsible for also informing their instructors when they miss class. Employees should inform their immediate supervisor and Human Resources. See more guidance for employees.

Do I need to have a COVID-19 test conducted before coming to campus? 

Answer: Asymptomatic individuals are not required to have a test. Symptomatic individuals should consult with Student Health Services or a health care professional to determine if a test is advised.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing available on campus at no cost.

How long should I quarantine?

Answer: You will need to stay in quarantine for 14 days from the date that you last had close contact with an infected person. We encourage you to reference the health guidelines webpage and the Quarantine Calculator for more information. You should also consult with Student Health Services or a health care provider to determine appropriate safety measures.

Will I be notified if a student in my class tests positive for COVID?

Answer: The University has measures in place to notify those individuals that meet criteria for a close contact. You can be proactive and assist in the process of contact tracing by making sure the University has your most up-to-date phone number and address on file, follow all seating instructions provided by faculty and by following all directional instruction/signage for entering and exiting a classroom and navigating the high-density areas of campus. 

Mental health services

Abstract drawing of a woman with clouds behind herThe Counseling and Testing Center provides free and confidential personal, career, group and educational counseling for current Zips.

While service delivery may appear different due to COVID-19 and safety protocols, supporting the mental health of UA students will continue to be a primary focus. 

Although physical adjustments will be made to the Counseling and Testing Center office (Simmons Hall Room 306) to create a safe environment, telepsychology clinical services (virtual appointments) will be the easiest and safest appointment method as we enter the fall semester.

Due to limitations in the current office space, psychologists and interns will be in their respective offices at staggered times to offer telepsychology (virtual) clinical services. These services include the full range of regular support, including individual counseling, online structured group counseling, consultation, and outreach.

Any in-person meetings will be scheduled just on an emergency service basis and will follow University guidelines (such as limited office occupancy, social distancing, face coverings) and will be conducted by appointment only. In addition to individual services, the Counseling and Testing Center has online psycho-educational workshops along with other interactive resources.

Students can arrange an appointment by calling 330-972-7082. Students may leave a voicemail message and the office administrator will call them back to verify needs and confirm availability. Students seeking counseling services for the first time are asked to leave their full name, phone number and student ID number.