Living-Learning Communities & Themed Housing at Akron

See where Living-Learning Communities and Themed Housing are located.

Living-Learning Communities at Akron

The Army ROTC Community will provide an additional level of support to first year cadets. This community offers cadets the opportunity to live with other students that share the same work ethic and values while building better camaraderie and cohesiveness. All members of the community will be required to participate in ROTC and take a military science class.

Do you have a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, or teaching STEM subjects? Engage and build positive relationships with fellow Choose Ohio First Scholars who have a similar passion for STEM through mentoring programs, coursework support, and sociocultural events in order to support your personal and academic success. Students selected to participate in this community must be a recipient of the Choose Ohio First scholarship program. Learn more about the scholarship program and how to apply.

Be part of an exciting program that has won regional and national recognition. Emerging Leaders either reside in Ritchie Hall, Sisler-McFawn, or the fifth floor of the Honors Complex. Participants are part of the Major Events Committee of the Residence Hall Program Board. There is a different application and selection process for the Emerging Leaders Program. Get the details and apply to be an Emerging Leader.

Themed Housing

Considering a career in business? Join other first-year business majors to engage in a common living and an opportunity to take common courses with a shared focus. As a participant, explore the world of business in a growing global economy with chances to engage College of Business Administration faculty, connect with a variety of business majors, and programs designed just for the community!

Considering law school or law enforcement? This community is open to any major interested in pursuing a law degree or going into law enforcement after college. Participants will have the opportunity to network with guest speakers, engage in conflict resolution, and host a mock trial.

Seeking the chance to impact the lives of others through the classroom? Whether you are pursuing early childhood or young adult (AYA) education, this community sets out to spark the creative mind with resources to enhance your skill sets for the classroom.

This community is open to anyone interested in gaming and esports. Varsity team members, varsity develop program, club participants and folks interested in all aspects of gaming are welcome to join regardless of major.

Esports at Akron

All School of Arts students are eligible to participate in the Arts LLC! Artists, designers and other art students can join their peers in a creative environment that fosters self-expression through arts programming and group activities. Build a community that speaks to you by sharing your innovative spark and talents.
These communities are for first year student athletes who have been identified by their coach to reside in team based housing. Depending on which athletic team you are on will determine which building you will be placed in. Students in this community do not participate in room selection. Roommate groupings are at the discretion of the coach.
Sex-segregated housing may not be the best option for some students; to meet this need, the Department of Residence Life and Housing offers the option of gender-inclusive housing. Students who participate in this community will have the opportunity to select a room with a roommate who is not of the same legal sex. Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) spaces have been identified in a variety of buildings on campus in which the room or apartment spaces offer a private bathroom. GIH spaces are not intended for students who are in a romantic relationship. Students who participate in this community must also sign the gender inclusive housing agreement.
The Honors Complex is exclusively for student participating in the William’s Honors College. The Honors Complex is limited to students who are in their 1st or 2nd year on campus. There are also Honors Clusters available in South Hall Doubles, Exchange Street Shared singles, and Exchange street apartments for any Honors student regardless of year on campus.
Build, construct, design, formulate, and more in the Men in Engineering LLC! This community is committed to the development of highly-qualified and professionally-responsible engineers. Students in this community will engage with various engineering disciplines through field trips to engineering firms, peer study groups, guest speakers, and more. Test your innovative mind and problem-solving skills through the Men in Engineering LLC Challenge hosted each semester.
The best way to 'do' music is to 'live' music. The University of Akron Music Living-Learning Community allows School of Music majors to immerse themselves in a vibrant on-campus musical culture. In addition to living with their fellow musicians, participating students will have access to exclusive off-campus professional performances, peer mentorship, music tutoring programs, and unique leadership training opportunities in music.
"Nursing transforms!” That’s the motto of the School of Nursing. A transformation journey as you embark on your quest to being a Nurse, the School of Nursing and this community provide you the tools and connections to help achieve your goals. This experience provides first-year nursing majors the chance to learn the culture of the School of Nursing, to form a strong support group with other nursing majors, and the ability to engage in programming only offered to LLC participants. Live together and learn together. Participants in this community will take selected prerequisite courses together.
Is medical school in your future after college? Whether you venture into major in biology, chemistry, physics, etc., join the Pre-Med LLC in a diverse community of academic disciplines. Participants will benefit from peer study groups, specialized programming only open to participants, and the academic resources of upper-class student mentors within the community.
Take advantage of mentoring, trips to engineering firms, study support, guest speakers and social activities. Inspired by the popular SEE UA Camp (Summer Experience in Engineering), this community of female engineering students collaborates closely with the Men in Engineering LLC.