Advanced Materials

Materials scientists explore the molecular structure of polymers and other compounds to discover what gives them certain properties, such as strength or elasticity. At UA, researchers are exploiting that knowledge to tailor high performance hybrid polymers for use in almost any industry, including the medical, aerospace, coatings, electronics, photonics and construction fields.

By studying, modifying and employing living organisms and their byproducts, biotechnology practitioners generate natural innovations in fields ranging from medicine and pharmaceuticals to green technology and advanced energy. UA researchers in the emerging field of biomimicry examine and imitate nature to solve human problems. Check out UA’s integrated bioscience program.

Chemical Technology
UA is developing new technologies for the synthesis of initiators, monomers, catalysts, and new drugs.  Many of our new chemical technologies are directed towards medical applications, including the N-heterocyclic silver carbene complexes, which are being tested as broad-spectrum antimicrobials and antibiotics.  Challenge us with your needs for new chemical synthesis.

Computers, Sensors & Devices
UA faculty are pioneering development of new computer systems, sensors, measurement devices, mathematic formulas and mechanic testers to improve the speed and quality of scientific research. In addition to their possible application in broad ranging industries, these devices pave the way for new discovery.

With research covering fuel cells to generate power, batteries to store it and energy management systems to more efficiently use it, UA labs and researchers are pioneering new devices and techniques for efficient and environmentally friendly energy. 

With a sharp focus on the environmental consequences of an industrialized world, UA researchers are developing new technologies for pollution control, carbon capture, precious metal recovery, and water purification and treatment. Other unique innovations include techniques to predict and mitigate damage from earthquakes and hurricanes.

More than half of UA’s current inventions and patent applications are related to advancements in medical technology. Following multi-million dollar tech transfer success, researchers at UA are pursuing cutting-edge inventions in pharmaceuticals, orthopedic devices, drug delivery systems, wound care products, glucose monitoring methods, and diagnostic and imaging techniques.

Thinking small is leading to big changes in the fields of medicine, electronics and energy production. By controling matter on the molecular level, UA researchers can tailor projects for specific uses. 

Polymer Science
The University of Akron is internationally renowned for its research, education, and know-how in the field of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering.  As a result, scientific advancements have been made with new polymer synthesis, polymer structure-property relationships, polymer processing, composite materials, and polymer technology.  New polymer chemistry inventions are related to polyisobutylene-based polymers, polyurethanes, polysiloxanes, polyimides, block and arborescent copolymers, functional dendrimers, and elastomeric compositions.  Polymer engineering inventions are related to novel formulations for blends, coatings, and composites, as well as processing innovations for the fabrication of polymers into high strength composite films, foams, fibers, laminates, and other articles of interest.

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