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How to sign up for classes

VISIT this site

Congratulations! First step = done!

WATCH your email for enrollment details

Be sure to check your UA email account for information on when registration will begin.

CHECK MyAkron now for holds and resolve them

To check for holds, log into My Akron, then click on Student Center. Check the Holds section on the right. If there are any listed, check the details for contact information to resolve them before registration opens.

RUN your Degree Progress Report (DPR)

To run your DPR, log into My Akron, then click on the My DPR icon. Not sure how to read your DPR? Check out the Student DPR guide.

Tell me in 90 seconds: How to register for classes in My Akron

DETERMINE when your enrollment window opens

To check your enrollment appointment, log into My Akron, then click on the My Experience tab. Click on Student Center, then check the Enrollment Dates section on the right.

MEET with your academic advisor

Not sure who your advisor is? You can check on the Academic Advising page.

PLAN to register for 15 credits

Registering for and completing at least 15 credits a semester will ensure that you are on track for graduation.

FILL your enrollment shopping cart ahead of time

You can add classes to your shopping cart directly from your DPR.

  1. On your DPR, click on the name of the class you want to add.
  2. Click the View Class Sections button.
  3. Click the Select button next to the section that best fits your schedule.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Return to My Academic Requirements to add more classes.

REGISTER as soon as you can

When it's time for you to register, you can enroll in all the classes in your shopping cart at once.

  1. In MyAkron, click on Student Center.
  2. Click Enroll.
  3. Click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.
  4. Follow the additional prompts.
  5. Click the Finish Enrolling button.
  6. If you see a success message for each class, you're done! If there were any issues, you'll see a message explaining why the classes weren't added successfully.

View the printable version of this checklist

Summer 2024 Registration

Summer 2024 Registration

12:01 AM on Undergraduate credits earned
Mon. 2/26 University Priority & 120+
Tue. 2/27 90 - 119.99
Wed. 2/28 60 - 89.99
Thu. 2/29 30 - 59.99
Fri. 3/1 0 - 29.99
Sat. 3/2 Open Enrollment

Summer 2024 enrollment appointments (including graduate and law)

Fall 2024 Registration

Fall 2024 Registration will begin April 8

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