Forever Buckeye

The State of Ohio’s 2012-2013 budget establishes a new provision called "Forever Buckeye." This provision extends the in-state tuition rate to Ohio high school graduates having the current legal status to remain permanently in the United States, who had left Ohio but who return to enroll in an Ohio public institution of higher education and who establish a primary residence in Ohio by the first day of classes of the requested term.  Please note: A copy of a high school diploma is not sufficient evidence of high school graduation.  An Ohio high school does not include GED.

How to Apply for Forever Buckeye Ohio Residency For-Tuition-Purposes

Print and complete the Forever Buckeye Petition

Please include the following documents with your petition:

  • Official Ohio high school transcript, with graduation date.
  • Proof of primary residence, i.e. lease or rental agreement, copy of closing statement, or notarized affidavit of domicile.

The University of Akron is required to follow Ohio Board of Regents guidelines in interpreting and applying “Forever Buckeye” and Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-10.