Transient students: How to complete coursework elsewhere and receive credit

What is transient status?

Under certain circumstances, it may be appropriate for students to complete coursework at another regionally accredited college or university while still enrolled at The University of Akron.

While under this status, students may be permitted to complete coursework as a guest of the other college or university. In all cases, students must receive approval from the dean of his or her respective degree-granting college prior to enrollment in the transient courses(s). 

The purpose of transient work is to provide The University of Akron student with opportunity to:

  1. take a course that is not offered at The University of Akron; or
  2. if the student is away for the summer, to take a course in a distant location; or
  3. in rare cases, a student who is only a few credits shy of graduation and must leave The University of Akron due to extenuating circumstances, to take a course at a distant location.

These courses will be listed on The University of Akron official academic record. Each course will reflect the course number, title, grade and credit value; no grade-point value will appear on the record and the grade for such course will not be included in The University of Akron grade-point calculation. The name of the institution will be listed on The University of Akron official academic record as well as the date that the coursework was taken.

What should students know prior to considering transient work?

  • Students in a degree-granting college registering for courses to replace General Education requirements must have this form approved by their Academic Advisor.
  • No more than 18 total credit hours of transient work may be approved prior to the granting of a baccalaureate degree. No more than 9 total credit hours of transient work may be approved prior to the granting of an associate degree.
  • A student must earn a grade of "D-" or better in the course at the other institution in order for the credits to apply towards the student's degree requirements at The University of Akron unless otherwise specified by the degree granting college. The student must provide the official transcript for the course in order to receive credit.
  • Students who are on probation or dismissed are restricted or denied transient permission except in rare and compelling circumstances. Note: Students nearing degree completion should review university graduation requirements.
  • Course work taken at another institution cannot be considered for The University of Akron repeat for change of grade policy or academic reassessment policy and will not be calculated into The University of Akron grade-point average.

How to request transient status

If you are interested in starting the transient process, complete the transient permission form and talk with your academic advisor

Transient permission form